April 3, 2009


or something like that, well that is what my fusebox said after i pulled the plug to my iron today. I was putting up new curtains and of course they were wrinkled....so out did the ironingboard and clothes iron (hmm....not sure if the name is right) and get cracking! When I was finished, I of course pulled the plug out of the socket....and a tiny spark and a noise (the bang) was heard and seened....a fuse was out! Now this is funny, I have NEVER changed a fuse in my entire life!!! For some reason someone else have done it so I went to the mastermind of them all....my MOM! :) And after a trip to the store to actually get the fuses, a new one was put in and as they say: Let there be LIGHT!
You learn something new each day!!! :)

Think I need to get off to bed....to tired to do anything,

Peace and love