April 27, 2009

taxes, shopping, socializing....

Hmm not sure about the spelling there, but what the heck.

Today I need to visit the taxoffice to submit a form for my taxes....this is after they told me I can do it online!!!! Arrrghh.... Oh well...just bite the bullet!
Then I need to go shopshopping, I am really dreading the moment....really hate shoeshopping....my feet and shoes don't go well together. But need some really good and nice walking shoes...that will last longer than a season! So again, Bite the bullet!

Then i am hoping I am up for some socializing...going to Sara this afternoon to spend some quality time with her and her family.

Got to go....:)

(did I tell you I have been up since 7 am!!!! On my day OFF!!!! oh boy oh boy...)