April 28, 2009

One thing I do Hate....

I do seriously hate going shoe shopping!!!! I just hate it, have to do it but hate it.
Now I do have shoes that have a few years on them....which I shouldn't wear due to the fact that they won't be soo good on my feet or body. But I like them. See when I go shoeshopping the shoes need to appeal to me...they need to scream my name! :)
And they need to fit perfectly! If not, I walk away.
Which I did yesterday....went in 5-6 stores...and came out with one pair I wasn't so keen on when I bought them. Yeah I know...can read your minds already, why on earth did i buy them if I didn't like them?!?!? I have another issue...I don't like to upset the salesperson whereever I go. In this case this lovely lady helped me and well...I just couldn't bare the thought on saying no to the shoes....so I bought them. Need a few days to think about them and see if I should return them or keep them...
....me in a nutshell! :)