March 24, 2009

Sinus Infection

So the last post i wrote...I said that i would spend the weekend on the couch....and yes I did! I had a chill weekend and just relaxed, hoping it would do wonders for my sinusinfection! It did....for a while...went back to work yesterday and started feeling a bit weird...figured it would just pass. So afterwork i went over to my masseuse house and she did wonders on my back and shoulders! (i was in heaven I tell you) Although I think that just made it worse for my sinus infection....this morning i woke up for work at 5 a.m....yeah I know....why in the hell would you go up at 5 in the morning?!?! But i do sometimes when I have early days. Anyway, I just got up, did the normal morning rutines and stood a while to feel what was going on inside me. Felt like a cold...and then I felt the ache in my cheeks. (by then I let out a big sigh and stuffed myself with some pills an took a nice long inhale from my nosespray) Went off to work and 1 hour and half later....I went to my boss and told him i am going home and won't be back until friday. It started to ache some more and I just said "that is it", packed my stuff and am now sitting on my sofa with the trusted laptop in my lap. And here is where I will bunk my butt til this goes over! Now it didn't help to have a friend sending me these links to chocolate factory's and tea stores on the web....i was drewling for oh some minutes there! :)

Figured since I am sitting here i can just pay some bills and be useful!

Over and out for now