February 1, 2009

Sunday February 1st

A recap of my weekend (which I thought would turn out differently than it did)

* got of work early on friday (oh soo needed)
*spent the evening very happy on my sofa with the tv as a date
*saturday I went into town for some shopping, tea mostly...since my stash was running empty.
*got stood up that night aswell, not my happiest of memories. (what is it with me getting my hopes up and then get them crushed.....that is another post all to it self)
*sunday (today) I woke up and went down to do my laundry....and realized i had taken the wrong day....this is after i had just put 2 loads in!!! So I just had to emtpy them, get my detergent+wetsoaked laundry and leave the room to the tennant who actually had the time. Went upstairs with my oh so heavy laundry....dumped it in the tub andthen or 2 hours i handwashed...yes you heard me.....handwashed the stuff that was wet.
*after the laundry were taken care of I went outside to go for a walk.....were gone for 2 hours! Nice cool weather, the sun was shining and the walk along the coast did me good.
*Now we (being me and the other me who ate too much) are enjoying the aftermath of pizza, wine and icecream.....

Got to get back to my tv...The Holiday is on!! :)