February 2, 2009

dream a little dream....

sitting here in my nightgown....yep...it is almost noon and still not dressed! But that is the luxury of having a day off! (not that i don't have things do do....)

Been surfing the world wide web this morning....and boy oh boy do I want a ton of money!!!
Here is what I dream about!!! :)

Wouldn't mind a kitchen like this....especially the windows.

I can totally see me here....maybe a different garden

sooo want this!!! WOW.....

now this is something I like, really like the trunk for coffee table!

Now like this, but maybe with a darker floor, and different decór

see the shelves on the righthand side.....you can get replicas a lot cheaper at
ellos.se!!! YAY...and guess what, they are on my list of things to buy.

this view is decent....just kidding it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

I can live here!!! No problem!!!!

This kitchen is doable aswell!!! :))

Now this lamp is sooo cool! So many different ways to use it for

yeah....like this house, and the little view I see....absolutely doable.
Now some money would be handy!!! hihi....a girl can dream can't she?!
need to get back to things, eat, get dressed and so on...