June 2, 2008

Day 13th

We are back from the Shore (did remember Jossan), the weekend turned out to be okay. Sure there were some things that could be left behind...or I  should say someone. (will leave it like that) We ended up going to Virginia Beach for the weekend...ohh so nice!!! Warm weather, windy but tropical. Too bad it went by so quickly! We stayed at a beautiful hotel, The Cavalier, an old one established way back in the 1920's. (Just so you know...this is going to be a long post so you better be aware right know...)
The trip down was well, saying it was uneventful would be a lie! Six people in a van....stuck together for oh...six hours or so! Yep...no need to say more! No seriously I have been on worse roadtrips! (with the same people) Meaghan and Thomas behaved....from time to time! Did have a moment in the car though. Was sitting way back with Thomas and oh can that boy talk!!! He is soo funny, we were driving down through this tunnel and I told them both to be quiet for the duration of the tunnel! Yeah..I should have known better! When we were approaching the "hole" I told them that this is the way to Hell!!! They laughed and started to focus on being quiet...which lasted oh..about 3 minutes! Thomas was so funny though, when we reached the end of the tunnel....he goes "....Thomas....walk towards the light.....to the light Thomas!!" ( it was hiliarious....now try not to laugh at that!!) 
After a while he got bored and layed his head on my lap. (loved that....he shut up for a while) :)) But at that moment I suddenly realized that this is it....he is starting to become a young man.
 That this visit would probably be the last time I would see glimpses of the little boy I know. It almost brought tears to my eyes, while I was stroking his hair to soothe him while he was sleeping. The little boy who I "made" spit out chocolate, who reached for your hand when you were out walking, who just cuddled up close whenever he needed it.....the little boy who was 
the first to break my heart in pieces. 
It was so funny whenever we crossed a street you still reached out for my hand! Not knowing what you just did...have to tell you that the feeling of you doing that just put a smile in my heart! You are still here and I don't have to say goodbye just yet! Not that I am saying that you growing up won't be a blast, it is just that I will miss those tender moments! Man you are going to be a killer when you grow up! Can't wait!!!! :))
Now your sister on the other hand...oh boy!!! She is growing up so fast you barely keep up with her. Twelve  years old....seems like she is already a teenager. You will have a lot of "firsts" the upcoming years....so wish I will be there to experience them with you. 7th grade....High school next....man I at a loss for words here. You have always been a bossy little girl, always known what you wanted and when you wanted it! Still remember our fights each spring and each fall about what you should not wear....did you  listen...NO! But hey you just needed to figure out things on you own! Love you for that! Also love those moments when you just come up for a hug for no reason at all! Just a tight squeeze and then you were off! 
All I have to say is this...BOYS watch out!!! And stay away from my Baby!!!
The beach was awesome though, did get a few good shots of the kids and beach and pretty much everything else!! :))
Will upload some pics later...too tired to do it now! 

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