May 28, 2008

Day 9

Wednesday today....tired...woke up in the middle of the night with the mother of all headaches! So almost no sleep for me...and I feel one is on the way right know!

Today I have been to the scrapbookstore.....seriously need to stop shopping at some point....don't think my suitcases can fill more! Although....I am pretty much finished! Weird!!! :)
( yeah....anyone who knows me would right now frown their eyebrows!!! )
So what have I bought.....let see: clothes for me and the rascals!, towels....oh so lovely and cheap here, shoes, scrapbookstuff, beauty supplies and perfume. And all those Chai Latte's I have been drinking.....;)

So tonight it is baseball that is on the schedule!!! Thomas is playing baseball since a few years back now and he seems to like it! (he got upset the other week when I didn't go so I figure I have to tonight)
Hmm...maybe I can bring the scrapbook project with me!....will see!