September 17, 2013

bedroom makeover part 2

this makeover will be a long one it seems. Both due to the fact it is hard to find the pieces I want and my budget is limited. :)

But I did go on a little shoppingspree a week ago and found these:

 A new bedsidelamp which I love, now I just need to get some height to the chrome stool it stands on to give it more "umph".

 One of the bedsidetable ideas i had was getting a traytable, but never got around to it. Well I have one but needed to build a new base to get it to the height I mojo disappeard. :)
Instead I found these two trunks that are not only nice to look at, they serve as storage aswell. :)
I just moved the other bedsidelamp I had before to this side, am still searching for one more lamp.

And since they had such a good deal on it I bought this floorstand lamp too. :):)
So now all I need to do is get rid of my ceilinglamp and the look is almost complete for the room.
The end is close but then again not.

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