June 12, 2013

A day at the playground

A few weeks ago, I had Little Miss Diva and Princess Goldilocks over for a slumberparty. A night full of fun :)
The next morning we all went to the playground to blow off som pentup energy. (oh not mine...theirs :) ) Their mom and Prince Charming came too.

We had a go at the swings, sandboxtoys, the ducks where a lot of fun aswell. :)

Love that expression from Prince Charming...that kid has the cutest facial expressions that I have seen.

After spending a few hours outside, where the sun didn't make an entrance, we went back home to enjoy som warm applepie!! YUM!!

It was the best applepie ever, unfortunately I never snapped a Picture of it to share with you. :(
But don't cry....I will most definitly bake it again. ;)

Stay tuned for this weeks recipe...coming tomorrow... :)