May 31, 2013

Walldecor dilemma

Yesterday I ended up shopping a new wall Clock for my Collection...however now I am slightly regretting the purchase. And ended up online looking for others this morning.

The problem now is that I fell in love with one that is no longer on the market.
Have found a few other selections, but not sure if I should get one. And if I should get one which one to choose.

Here are a the ones I am (currently) thinking about:

Väggklocka - Blå
 I have a bluish/turqoise color theme going on around the apartment and liked this one!

Väggklocka - Grön
But then I thought I should add some other color...and this one popped out.

Then I found this one here, since it wasn't round like the others.


Then I found these ones (above) and they stood out too... website

Here is the one that I bought:

Not sure it will fit with the others. And it is White...which I new when I bought it! :)
But it is a different shade of White than my wall is...:(
Here is a photo of the wall in progress ignore the mess and what not and just focus on the wall:

Any tips or hints?? The star might get a different color later on...