November 1, 2012

Prince Charmings birthday party

One of the major highlighs of this month was that this little guy had his first birthday and with that comes his very own first party! :)
I wish I had a kick-ass party like he had, I mean...the food and the desserts...yum!
Although he didn't quite like the cake part of it all...(I have great photos on that later)

We had to style him to the part so a little mohawk happend and he was all done! Don't think I have done a quicker one ever.... He didn't want to sit still long enough so to speak. :)

And before the guests arrived we snagged a photo with his Big sista's....and I have lots of them too...:) I just kept shooting until they were done and prayed that I had a few or at least one good enough. Truth to behold....I got one that was really good and a few hilarious ones.

A year can go by quickly....