October 8, 2012

More photos from August

One of the many things I did in august was spending time with my best friend and her family.
We visited Ikea once or twice ;), took her kids to the playground, the pool etc.

One of the good days of sun we had (there were just a few to remember), we took a stroll alongside the ocean. Late afternoon and it was just peaceful and quiet....if you could call it peaceful with kids in the picture...;)

We ended up at the mini marina and dipped our feet in the water.

One of many good days, and it was especially good since it was one of my last days before going back to work again.

With that I am offically caught up with july and august, now I have the rest of september and october photos to go through. I have about 150 photos from a previous wedding to sort and do a mild edit to.

Have a good week :)

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