October 3, 2012

July and August in Photos

So..not long ago I promised to put up photos of my summervacation. Well it took a bit longer than expected, but am getting there slowly. Been a hectic month from august to late september on both work front and home front. I will show you later on what has been going on on the homefront area.
My summer vacation was 3 weeks of full bliss, just took it day by day and relaxed. Spent time with family and friends and hung out with my nieces and nephiews a lot.

Collage above, we had a few good days so we took the time to go to the beach and had fun. Although the water was cold the first time around it turned out warmer later on. Explorations in the sand to find different seashells and what not amongst the seaweed.

We did find a ladybug aswell! Pretty cool, if you are a Fiveyear old that is. Now if you are two Five yearolds...well...the ladybug decided to fly away after the endless bickering of who got to hold it.
The standard lunch were pancackes or waffles :)

A trip down to a small petting zoo with a huge playground occupied one of those days and the little cookie, right photo above (aka Goldilocks) had her first sleepover this summer too. Oh was she proud or what the next morning ;).

Summer went by to fast but it was a well needed break from everything.

Stay tuned for more....;)