June 6, 2012

flag day+recipe

So I had the day off because it is our national flag day and it is a holiday. And my it turned out to be my day off in the week. Sweet! :)
Hadn't really planned it out except for a few things, dinner at a friends house, clean the apartment etc...
...well I woke up this morning and didn't feel like myself. Not sure what it is, could be a cold coming on or just a random day of not being myself.

I got up in a reasonable time, got breakfast and got stuck infront of the tv. (yes I eat my breakfast infront of the tv...like...all the time) The time went by hour by hour and I didn't move...so by noon I figured I needed to do something so I got up and brushed my teeth, and worked out for 20 minutes or so. Then went back to the sofa and had my lunch... and there I stayed....

I basically got up, ate, lounged, got up, worked out, ate, lounged, got up, showered and made my way to my friends house to eat. :)

And now I see all these things that needs to be done around here. Items that need to go down storage, a run with the vacuum, clearing up my bedroom/workstudy, hang up pictures and on and on.

Oh well...one day! :)

Besides from doing my routine above today I got another recipe done for you. Went to a little picnic a few weeks ago and I brought these:

(sorry...I haven't translated the recipe in english yet)

Enjoy and Happy flag day!