March 21, 2012

crafts, baking and just hanging out

This past saturday I got a phonecall from WildChild #1 asking if she could come over....and how could I say no to that! :)

(not going to be grumpy that I was like third person she called...;) )

Anywho...this little lady can't even come through the door before she says she wants to do some crafts! And crafts we did :)

Think I had glue on pretty much everything. (luckily it is waterbased...)
Can't believe that this little one is 5 years old!!! Talking like a little lady already and soo much fun to listen to.

We walked to the store to get some supplies for our baking session. Luckily she didn't handle the money cause I think she would have bought everything in there.

These glories were made, and yes I ate more than one. WildChild #1 only ate the icing!! :)
Fortunately we send some home with her when daddy came to pick her up.

A fun filled, action packed day with some downtime watching the movie "Up".

Couldn't ask for anything else to spend my saturday...