February 1, 2012

Making cards-the easy way

Okay if you are like me, you probably never ever buy greetingcards but make them yourself! :)
And if you are like me you always make the greetingcards the very same day...right!

I know...it is quite sad but true!

BUT...it can be solved!

If you scrapbook or do some crafts you usually get some supplies over. At least I do.
This is my stash:

I keep mine in folders, at least the paper stash. One for solid colors and one for my pattern paper.
These are the folders that come out whenever my nieces or nephiews come over and demand to do some crafting. (like I am such a push over, wait...I am. Drats!)
Anywho, not that long ago I got a phonecall from my niece asking if she could come over and we ended up at the table doing some crafts.

This is where I got the idea. Why not use my stash of leftovers to create some greetingcards. (lightbulb came on here)

And here is what I did:

a few strips, flowers and a chipboard. A lovely birthday card

similar to above and just a chipboard.

a painted chipboard with crackle paint and a flower.
could be a birthday card, weddingcard, any occasion card

or if you have some beads lying around you could add a string.

Basically just take whatever you have on hand! Nice to know that you have a card lying around whenever you need it. :)

So go raid your stash and get on with it!