January 1, 2012

A new year + HYPE testpilot

It is a new year and it started off gloomy.

Woke up to the sound of rain splattering on my windows and a gray sky. Perfect in a way since I have a cold and feel like.... (fill in whatever negative word you like) :)

Spent the day hanging around the apartment, cleaning some and doing laundry.
Oh and a visit by my niece, who begged to do some crafts. :) Pretty much low-key...

I said the other week that I would share my experience being testpilot for HYPE hairproducts. I went through the process with Smartson and was one of many who got to try out a selection of hairproducts.

I tried the curl booster and UV protector.
Loved them both, the curl booster really works. I have thick heavy hair and whenever i do curl my hair, it always looks bleak after a few hours. = No curls!
Tried the curlbooster and man....the curls stayed the whole day!

Really recommend HYPE if you haven't tried it out. (not sure if they are international yet)

Have a great 2011