January 26, 2012

my head is spinning

I am in the process of moving, in my mind so far. :)
It is going to happen just need to wait a few more weeks first. But that doesn't stop a girl from totally decorate the new place. (if money wasn't a issue....hmm...)

Oh well, I have a few things in mind for the livingroom and kitchen. Bedroom not quite sure yet.
Here is what I am thinking so far:
want this style of sofa, maybe a offwhite color (image from Ilva)

this will be a feature wall in the livingroom

so want this coffetable (image from Ilva)

really love this lamp, thinking above the kitchen table...not sure

a great side table (image from Ilva)

a big lounge chair, a great piece (image from Mio)

a few paint samples I like, the grey tones I am thinking for a
feature wall in the kitchen. the neutral one all over the apartment.

me like...livingroom maybe.

Ideas are running wild in my head...just need the funds to complete it. This might be a long project to complete. But it is worth it...right?! :)