December 21, 2011


I ett par år nu så har jag premunerar på nyhetsbrev hos Smartson för att bli testpilot för olika saker.
Och gissa vad som dimpte ner i inboxen idag....:)
Titta på filmen längre ner (gå gärna in på länken längst ner och anmäl dig du med).

For a few years now I am subscribing to this website to become a testpilot for different merchandise. (it is only for items here in Sweden)
You get a email about something and if it is something that strikes your tastebuds you just fill in a form online and wait to be pulled for that test.

Today I got a email about this:

Can say that I really sparked my tastebuds...:)
Would be soo much fun testing this one out. Maybe go for a long weekend to my grandmothers or maybe to visit my sister....;)

Anywho...I will cross my fingers and if you are swedish or live her in Sweden you can sign up yourself HERE (länk till Smartson)

Will post after christmas about the product I got to review..

happy Holidays