October 22, 2011

whatever puts a smile on your face

Been a bit melancholy these past few days, in a funk I should say and need a pick me upper!
What to do??

Turn to old photos...

...and putting your own comments to them... ;)

"The if I put on my cute face, I will get what I want"
(for the record...it didn't work with me!!)

"I know Mom said no...but who will see me?!"

(almost peed in my pants while shooting this one)

"Christmas presents??!! What...I am busy with the camera bag!"

I swear I didn't have anything to do with this one!!!

Who needs cellphones?!

The christmas she saw through Santa! ;)
(while waving goodbye to Santa, she said: Bye, Daddy!!)

"If I sit on the ball, it will be invincible!!"

Hey Everyone, Look over here and not in the beerglasses ahead of you!

"come on Mr.plumber....hook up the tub will ya!!

Hands are for Sissy's!!
Those photos put a smile to my face and heart.
the ones below do too...

a nice suprise that came with the Mailman
A few of these always put a smile to your heart....

and these....

and these too...
Why not go through your photos and smile...

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