October 27, 2011


One day off and I feel like crap! My head is pounding away, my body is aching all over and the day will be a long one.

I have one day off and then I work 7 days straight....if you don't hear from me I promise I will be in Zombie land! :)

Anywho...lots of things going on today.
 # take the bus to my mom's, help her do some shopping and borrow her car
# go help a lady with her house cleaning (cause she is sick)
# do some grocery shopping
# get home to do some baking (might post a photo later on today)
# start working on my christmas gifts (I know it is early...but need to either I won't finish)
# eat inbetween and possibly rest a bit.

All this and hoping my headache will go away.

Hope your day is better and I will try and think that there are people who feel a lot worse!