September 22, 2011 is here....

Fall is here people!!
I truly love this season, but not when it is raining and I have to go to work...on a bike! :(

But if you put that aside I love this season, when it is still a bit warm during the days and get chilly in the evenings!'

I love to snuggle up with a blanket and cup of tea.

I love to light every single candle in my home and enjoy the extra warmth it brings.

And I love to dress in layers!! :)

Speaking of clothing, I invested in a pair of really durable winter boots!

image from Amazon

We get winter here, but is is usually very wet and my feet pulled together and did a protest last year. So this year I invested/splurged in a pair of these and really like them. Think they will do just fine! :)

And for my birthday I got this:

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron 5 Quart Oval French Ovens
image from Amazon

Totally love it and can't wait to make hearty soups this fall and winter!

And I got one these from my luvvie as a suprise:

Le Creuset Stoneware Small 18-Ounce Oval Serving Bowl, Caribbean
image from Amazon

It's a set of two bowls...beautiful!

Hope you find some inspirations for this fall :)

Enjoy your weekend!