September 11, 2011

10 years ago today

This weekend my mind has been wandering back 10 years every now and then. Remembering the moments from of the attacks of the World Trade Centers in N.Y and Pentagon in D.C.

To this day I still remember it all bit by bit, every feeling I had and knowing that that day I understood the world would never be the same.

I was halfway through my year as an Au-pair outside Washington D.C, so the attacks were very much real to me. As real as it could be I guess. The same week I was supposed to be on vacation, visiting a friend in New Jersey. Travelling during that time made me postpone it a week. Decided that I needed to got o Manhattan for a day, not sure why but I just needed to. Maybe to see if it all was true so the Chock in me could settle and I could move on.

The photo above is one of a handful that I took that day, I wasn't even close to Ground Zero and the smoke and dust hit you hard. I Remember the smell while walking as close as I could get to Ground Zero. It hit you hard, harder than i thought it would.

My heart goes out to all those lifes who was lost that day, both in N.Y and D.C. And my heart goes out to every single life that has been taken after this day...

....May you find peace wherever you are ♥