June 5, 2011

Potterybarn inspiration

One of my all time favourite stores is Potterybarn, luckily for me in a way that I don't have one where I am....or my money would all be gone. ;-)
So love their stuff and that they have exactly my type of style too. Bad in a way that I can't get it over here...;(

Here are a few ideas on what I want (when I get my house and the money to fill it with things from PB)

Have this thing for clocks and this I totally love

cute, cute, cute...want it...

ahh...I died and went to heaven...

if you didn't know...life is short and time should be valued ;)
So want these....for my collection.

It has my name all over it, my old camera collection would fit here
and I could even buy more to fill it....

mmm...summertime here we come...

so want the house in the background!!!

I did say I wanted to add to my vintage camera collection right?!

so not the season but would love this!!!

lovely, the furniture and the scenery. Do you think they will give
you the scenery if you buy the set??!! (a girl can dream right...)

This is how I want my livingroom to look like...or close to it!!

I am going to go to La lala la land and dream about my house and what to put in there! :)

Have fun and enjoy the moment

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