March 20, 2011

What was I thinking...

I had a few posts that I wanted to share with you, but alas...I can't get the photos for them.
This weekend has been one of those that just don't go in the direction I want it to.

Which is just energy consuming in the wrong way. And lets not talk about time consuming...

So therefore, no posts from me today about the delicious tomato soup I made yesterday. Nor the recipe for some incredible chocolate chip cookies I tried yesterday aswell.

One thing that did brighten my day was a phonecall to my grandma. I had the craving for a ovenbaked pancake and wanted the recipe for it. Talking to her and having her remember the recipe, put a smile to my face. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Do you have the recipe for the ovenbaked pancake nearby, I want to try it out?
Her: Oh...sure, hang on. (this is where she turns to my grandfather asking if he remembers)
Her: Let see 4 eggs or 5
Me: ehm..okay
Her: then a splash of milk
Me: a splash, you need to be a bit more precise than that grandma.
Her: well just a bit to beat the eggs with.
Me: okay.
Her: Then you need flour, about 1dl to each egg.
Her: And bakingsoda a teaspoon or so.
Me: or so...okay
Her: and then add milk
Me: how much?
Her: well not mor than a litre. you know until it gets runny.
Me: ehm....runny okay
Her: and then add sugar and salt

Me: I'm confused....or maybe not.
Her: oh and you don't need to add 5 eggs its okay if you don't.
Her: and if you do add 5 eggs, you don't need to add 5 dl of flour it is okay with 4.

This is where I looked like a questionmarked but didn't say anything.
We said our goodbyes and I just laughed. This is a woman who does her cooking by memory and by feel.
What was I thinking of asking for the recipe....:)

I need to see her in action and write the ingredients as she goes by.
Or I should say, when grandpa is in action since he is the one who cooks pancakes in our family.

Why not visit your grandparents and learn a recipe or two from them?
It is a way to keep traditions alive and remembered.