February 24, 2011

Want spring and summer now!

This year I will be doing some more travelling, more than usual, but not more in days! :)

First off we (my mom, sister and me) are going to Spain to visit my brother and I can't wait! This winter has been going on forever...and it is only February.

Then after that, I am treating myself to a trip just for me. A trip that has a slow-relaxing-joyful theme to itself.

I am going to Italy, nothing booked yet but I am definitely going! :)

 Having this kind of view must be good for the soul?! Right??

I am leaning towards Tuscany and just rent a house/apartment for a week or two and just chill and take each day as it is.
And maybe having a picknic with the above assortements...

...yeah okay that is not a maybe but a definite YES!

Anyone want to send some sun, go right ahead!