February 5, 2011

phone ringing+a four year old

A few years ago we gave my mom a new cellphone (a purple one) and she wanted a special ringtone for it, not the ones they pre install. My sister made one for my grandma with her own voice recording.
So it was just naturally that she would give my mom the same one.

It goes something like this: "MOM, the phone is ringing. Pick up the phone...MOM!" it goes on and on and on until you pick up the phone. Quite unique! :)

Now to the fun part involving our niece (the four year old).
She was with my mom one day and my mom's phone started to ring. And bear in mind, it was my sweet sisters voice and the sweet words above.

So our cutiepie for a niece holds the phone and says:

"Emelie, I am here!! Emelie, can you hear me? I am here!!"

Still can't get the grin off my face, so wished I could have been there to witness it!

She is a pure light of joy that one! :)

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