January 10, 2011

Cleaning+Photoshop Actions

After Christmas I have been on a cleansing path you could say.
Been cleaning out one closet after the other and really did a hardcore cleaning of junk or stuff that I have tossed in there. Mostly due to the fact I didn't want to deal with it at the time.

So my closets are cleaned out, except for the linen closet...I am soo dreading that one but know it needs to be done. This weekend I took down all the remaining christmas decorations and put those in storage until next year. And when doing that I stripped my shelves and windowsills from everything...

...I mean everything! (it was stripped bare to its nakedness)

And I dumped in in the kitchen....
..well it had to go somewhere! :)

The idea for this is to go through every piece of décor I had and re-style my apartment. Living in a small space has its pro's and con's, con's being you pile up every blank space after a while.

So far I am almost done in the living room, and have realized I have way to many candles and holders. Not sure how I could fit them all before, half is still on the kitchen table.

Oh well it is a ongoing process and hopefully I will be done soon.

Besides that I have also been going through my stash of photos, editing some and well tossing some in the trashbin (the ones that don't make the cut and just take up space).

I thought I would share with you where I get my photoshop Actions at....

The Pioneer Woman (free stuff)

MCP actions (free actions to try)

Totally Rad Actions (free actions to try)

Willette Photography

I use them all and love them!

Have fun using them...