September 19, 2010

Fall Decorations....

As you all know by now...I am a huge Fall junkie!!

Luv, luv, luv it!!

And my all time favorite store has some really cool decorations.
They have it all, I promise...if they would ever set up a store here in Sweden....I would go bankrupt!!!

The store I am talking is PotteryBarn....

Below are images from their website and some really neat home decor.

These Pumpkins are oh so adorable!! A must have...hmm not sure if they will fit in my

Love these aswell...not sure if a few are candles or not. But do know they have
different kinds of fun fall candles.

Saw these and they are a must have!!!
Man do I want them...
Pretty sure that they will break in my suitcase...

I need a house...cause I want this porch!

And I want this platter...not that I know what I would use it for,
but that is the least of my problems. :)

Cute Owl!!

This coathanger is what my place needs!
Don't think it will fit my suitcase...

They have much much more stuff on their website and I usually go and take a few leisurely hours in one of their stores when I am over.

A girl can dream can't she?!

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