July 8, 2010


I celebrated my birthday yesterday and enjoyed it with my friends and few family members. This from keeping it very low-key and not announcing it.

The day started with a trip to the playground with my friend's daughter and later on we were accompanied by my brother and his two Wildchilds. Decided early on that I would document with photos throughout the day, but ended up with just a few photos of the kids.

My train of thought got lost somewhere....  :)

But we had fun. The girls enjoyed these swirly poles...can say that walking straight weren't a first priority after they were done. :)

Going up the slide instead of down, were a big hit aswell...

Not sure what she was doing here...running away from me maybe?! :)

This one didn't play much around the playground, instead he flirted with another little girl who were playing there too. There was almost a "stalker" warning on him.... (lol)

We soon ventured inside for some pancakes for lunch and a Barbie movie.
(none were my choices I should add!!)

Jumping on a mattress were on the list of things to do aswell, that and cinnabon rolls for snack.


He kept giving me this expression the entire snacktime. While dropping crackers on the floor...
By the time he was finished you had crackers all over the floor....a little crunchy while walking.

Later that day I met up my bff for a walk around town and of course Coffea...or rather Tea for the two of us. While her girls were goofing off, with assorted accessories.

The day was ended with a dinner and a movie.

My kind of birthday...