May 15, 2010


I know realize it has been a week and longer since my last post. And that I seemed to have somewhat promised more photos from my photowalk... ehm...well lets just check that off and carry on shall we?!

Life interfered and I got a major cold and my vocalcords took major hits this time around. Could barely talk and coughed alot.
That is what you get in this part of the country, crappy weather that turns from good to bad in a split second.

Seems like the weather forecast is changing today. (but I am not jumping any rivers yet!)
From pouring rain over to sunshine...Nice! Humid aswell...but am not complaining. Am not going to complain about my hair and humidity...naha...not at all!!

Anyway...this weekend was suppose to be one of those "let see what happends weekends" and just go with the flow. So far so good!

Got up to do my laundry and then got a suprise visit from my brother and his two WildChilds! (okay he notified last night that he might pop over...but it sounds nice with a suprise...right?!)
Over they came and a busy couple of hours went by with some fun stuff!
We baked cookies, watched Shrek the Third, played around with toys and the vacum cleaner, watched homevideos, made waffles and then ate the waffles, put on some "lipstick" (aka chapstick), stood on our heads, goofed around and cuddled!

Wildchild 1 where more interested in the homevideos and baking and Wildchild 2 were more interested in the vacuum cleaner and standing on his head!

After they left I had heaps of dishes in my sink to tackle and a kitchen in dismay! Needed to move the car (since we only have 24 h free parkingspaces) and decided to go and find a new outdoor jacket.
Off I went and came home with this:

(photo from Intersport)

But not in this color! I got it in Turqouise!! Pretty Outrageous for me but one needs to widen their horizons! :) Can't seem to find a photo of the color...guess I will have to model it for ya sometime.

Alright...I hear a big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine that is calling my name...

...see ya