March 22, 2010

Spring?! where are you??

Today is one of those days, first it is monday and that just says it all. Second...I am off from work and had all these plans to do, did I do them? Well....partly. I woke up with energy, got up and took one look out the window and knew this day would be "one of those days".

The sky was filled with this light grey mesh....and some dark ones too. Hello rain!

I did manage to go outside to do a semi-makeover on my Bike. Then I came quickly back inside and spent the day either on the sofa infront of the tv, at my desk, or infront of the computer. Did manage myself into the shower after a while and cooked two dinners. Not bad if you consider that my first thought was to be a couch potato all day! :)

What else have happend, oh...I have a new travel destination to add to my list. Got the inspiration when watching Martha Stewart on the tube this morning. (yes I do watch my Martha when I get a chance)
Googled it too, man do I want to go or what!...the big skies.....

.....the vast of land....

and the scenery.....mhmm....

Oh you are still with me...sorry! :)
But I was in la la land and dreaming of Montana. Yep....I was sold the minute I saw the open land and scenery. Wouldn't mind living there either (she says now, without setting one foot there)

But just take a look at these can't disagree!!!

With that I am going to leave you all and get myself a cup of tea....and dream of Montana.