March 17, 2010

Happy St Paddy's day!!

In honor of St Patrick why not do it in green! :)

Tonight me and a few gal's headed out to a local pub for a quiz night! Planned it for weeks so we all looked forward to it. More to the food, drinks and good time than the quiz...but who cares?! ;)

We sat down at a table, ordered our drinks and food. And sat patiently for it to come, when we realized that we wanted to sit in one of the booths instead....why someone had to say we had booked table for 6 and where now 4 I have no idea!!! ;))
Our food came in and we all devoured our plates with the mix of chit chat and laughter. Funtime!!

Then it happened...the guy hosting the Quiz said that the topic was Ireland!!! Our hearts sank...(not that we don't like Ireland) but we had our hopes on for questions on the 1980's which it said on the Pub's website!!

All in all...we tried to guess and got 7 out of 26 points right!

But a few songs came that I absolutely love:
7 drunken nights
Wild rover
and I do like The rocky road to Dublin!

Ahh....think I need to go to Ireland in the nearest future! :)

Watch out for the Lepricauns....