February 25, 2010

Something you didn't know...

Not many people know this about me....come to think of it, I don't think anyone knows! Not even my sister knew and she questioned my health too! *lol*

I am not the biggest sports fan out there, frankly I don't care for it at all! Ask anyone!
But....(with capital letters), whenever there is a Olympic Games or a World Championship in Ice-Hockey....I am a big FAN!! If I can I will sit front and center to every game we (sweden) play.
Unfortunately this year the time difference screwed up the schedule a bit, but did see 2 games. And did we last...??!!! NOOOO....really did want a gold medal there! Boys, boys, boys.....what can I say?!
You played hard, we saw that...but it isn't enough!

I even woke up early (on my day off I might add) to sit and cheer you on! Did it work...no...*sigh*

Oh well, have to wait to May for the World Championship games.....

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