February 20, 2010


Today I woke up late...thankfully! Had a blast over at a friends house last night, great food, laughter and hilarious women....the result: Came home late last night! (or this morning really)

But the goal for today was to do some cleaning around here. It was a mess I tell you! This hell I like to call snow has really put a strain to my cleaning schedule! Mucy shoes enter the door and makes the floors filthy! Yuck....

I had one more thing on my agenda today and that was to watch the Episodes from Bondi Beach Lifeguards. Looked forward to this the entire week!! So I figure I just do the cleaning, and then end it with a long bath with some soothing music. (for my headache) That we checked off the list.
Then I ended up here on the computer and did some surfing, checking what was new on Facebook and what not. Oh installed Voddler too... and then it hit me....
.....I looked at the clock! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I missed my episodes of Bondi Beach!!!!

(yeah I know...you are raising your eyebrows wondering what the panic is)

The panic is, when you are on sick leave and are home...all the time! You end up having or rather getting  routines of things...for example in my case...tv-shows! Bondi Beach Lifeguards was it for me....I would wake up, have breakfast and watch 2 episodes of it and then went on my day. Now when I am back at work I can't do that (due to my schedule)....but on saturdays they show some re-runs of it! And that is what I have been waiting for the entire week....and missed it!

Pissed off too! One thing I looked forward to today (except girlsnight with Jossan) :)

Oh well...life is hard.

I am going to take some Ibuprofen for my head and go meet Jossan

See ya