January 27, 2010


One of the thing you do when you are home and don't really get out much is...Thinking! And I tell you it is alot of thinking. Your mind goes non-stop, days goes from morning to late afternoon in just a second. Nights are longer and dreams are bothersome!

Dreams have never been bothersome for me...EVER...until now. I guess since I don't do anything or keep my mind busy with the usual stuff, my mind goes into overdrive as soon as I hit the pillow.
I used to love waking up and still have a part of a dream fresh in mind and just go about my day and just add to the dream. You know, creating my own story to it all...what might have happend.
Now....well now I wake up and don't remember anything or wake up thinking what the heck was that all about. I do long for those dreams when you wake up refreshed and with a good feeling....

Besides thinking I have been quite active I tell you, quite creative too! :) I have started one of two paintings and for the first time I seem to get what is in my head onto paper or canvas. Not something that has been easy before. So one painting done, just need to get some creative mojo for the other one... Stay tuned for that one! :)

Been to the Physical Therapist twice a week now for oh 3 weeks I think. Progress has been made, can now bend my knee to a 90 degree angle. Can sleep or lay on my stomach...not for long though. I walk alot better, just a tiny limp here and there and especially when I up the pace. (which I almost always do)
Having hard time going up and down stairs...takes longer than usual. Can't sit or stand on my knees.
Other than that everything goes just fine or forward I should say. They say it is a 3 month recovery to full capacity so well...one month done two to go!

Been busy searching for my ancestors too, quite fun and time consuming! I guess researching on how would have helped me some but why wait...right??! :) So far I have gotten as far back to the 1700's on my mom's side. Following the women on my mom's side and I thought that my mom given birth to 6 kids were alot. But some of these women gave birth to 10 kids and more!! Ouch!!!  (crossing my legs here)

Have been socializing too, either had them come here or going places. (would have gone inzane if I didn't) The other day Alexandra and baby E came over for a few hours and the light were in our favor...

Just love her eyes!!! They truly pop!
 And that is what I leave you with... :)

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