January 11, 2010


is a new day of a new week, another workday (for some), a day you can call living hell (for some)....but for me?? Well today, didn't feel like a monday...not in the sense it used to feel like.
Being home on Sickleave is well clouding your mind a bit. Days flow into each other, monday is a wednesday and saturday is a thursday for instance. I am lucky I can keep what time it is throughout the day. :))

But today I got things done, sort of. Checked the status for my "paycheck", since I will be getting mine from the government this month....or should I say next month!! buracracy my #¤(#/#¤....(forgive me if the spelling is incorrect)
Just grinded my teeth through that experience, took a look at my savings and manage to scrape up enough to cover this months bills and asked for a buffer from my grandparents. Never know what will happen and it is always nice to have some buffer money just incase....

Ehm...what else did i do today.....I put all my bills in so they will be withdrawn from my account when they should. I got up really early today so I was all set by noon. My mom came by after lunch and we went grocery shopping...or in my case I bought the "essential" stuff, like schampoo, conditioner etc etc

Oh and we also stopped by a interior decorating store so I could spend my gift certificate I got for Christmas. Ended up using half and got a set of new China platters!!!!


Cheap and nice, that is what I salute too!! :))

NOW the plan for today wasn't what happend!! Weird on how that almost always happens, right?!
I had planned on finishing my calender project and 2009 year in review album, to start a new project on finding familymembers. You know, doing a ancestry search.... Always wanted to start, but have never gotten the time for it. :) Now I do!!!! So will see if I can start tomorrow on that.

Night night for me