September 4, 2009

A week....

has almost past and it feels longer than that. It seems so distant, I don't know....the weirdest of it all is that when I came back home it felt like I was home but yet not. It felt like I was visiting, sort of. Is that weird?

Anyway, a week has past and one work week has gone by. I wouldn't say I love my job or anything in that area of feelings. I like it, how about that. I do love my co-workers....don't think I would have stayed where I am as long as I have without them. They do light up your day, we have fun at work. Yeah, I know it is amazing....;)) No seriously we have fun, and we do have bad days as well!.

Today was one of those days that I actually had to think if I got dementia or something. Forgot everything I didn't write down, did I walk two feet from where I was I literally had to stop and re-focus and figure out what the heck I was suppose to do! I got things done, remarkably....don't know how but I did!

This weekend is all about no pressure at all. Just need to do some laundry and that is it!! Oh and I need to be at a friends house for dinner....hmm...maybe I need to make a memo on that one....
Other than that though, there is nothing else on my schedule....nothing.
(if someone for any matter have made any kinds of plans with me this weekend, please do send me an reminder..... lol)

I am making it an early least I intend to