September 2, 2009

Some Photos to you all....

First off I need to say Happy Anniversary to the Manleys.....didn't forget you all! :))

Now onto the next order of business...which is photos from my vacation. Most of you don't know that I have a second family (not blood related) on the other coast of the Virginia to be exact. I visit them as often as I can, which is unfortunately not enough in my book....only get to go about once a year. But I always look forward to them and dread my leaving :(
This year I had to make my trip short, but I had a glorious time. So for the past oh....ehm....let see....8 years I think or actually 7 years I have flewn overseas to U.S.A to spend either a few weeks in spring, summer or my favourite the fall with the Manleys and of course one of my best friends M. I can literally say that I have had the best of times and have memories in plenty. This year we spent one week at home, doing some painting in the kids room and other stuff like:
  • drinking really good brewed beer at the Dogfish bone
  • shopping til we dropped (or atleast I did...)
  • spent a few trips to Ikea.....see the cinnabon rolls down below??! yeah....that was Ikea! And I swear we did not, I repeat NOT go there just to eat cinnabon rolls..... Although I thought we could (me and rene that is) could eat 2 each and bring home the two left for the other 3 that was waiting for us at home.....somehow she didn't think they would take it lightly.... I wonder why...:))
  • I did some more shopping....see the photo with "Michaels" on it? Well I do need to put out a warning....don't go there if you are a crafter, baker or a decorater.....THEY will TAKE your money!!! I SWEAR!!!! Think that's when I realized I have an addiction..... lol
  • Spent the night at M's house and drank my sour apple martini....although the hostess didn't approve of my drinking.....not nearly as fast as she wanted me too! :) (M the drink was good.....a bit on the heavy side that is all....:) )
The other week we rode down to Virginia Beach for some relaxing time, and boy oh boy was it needed. We stayed at the Cavalier Hotel....the old god I love that place. It was built in 1927 and they have maintained what they could and it is just marvelous. Will not write an essay here on the Hotel but you should check it out! :)) Had plenty of time for photo ops and I tell you sunrises are beautiful! We toured Fort Henry and saw the lighthouses, saw fireworkes at night, saw a Murder Mystery with dinner....which to my dismay wasn't what I thought it would be. Checked out the Aquarium and saw some cool fishes, turtles and what not.

Then it was homebound for me, but I can live through the photos for a while longer! :)
These are just a few of 200 and then some, will post more later on.