September 12, 2009

skittles, peanutbutter, brownies...the list is long!

I am doing some withdrawel here....oh boy oh boy!
I am in need of some sweets and what not.....and the thing is....I can't get it here in Sweden!
Have to to all the way over to U.s.a to get it....which isn't all that bad, but when you are in a can't just hop on a plane and go! :)
There are some stores, grocery stores, that do carry some items....but not really the brands I want..:(

The bummer thing is that the store in Stockholm is closed and now only sell wholesale....which means I need to start a company in order to get some.

anyone else in the same state as I am?? If you do know any online stores that do carry american food, drop a line or two!

midnight ramblings are done and I am off to bed...