September 10, 2009

need vacation again....

I feel drained, I tell you. These past few days I have been in and out of the hospital quite some times....
I am perfectly fine, it was my mom who went in saturday and came home this wednesday. She went in due to a mild stroke she had and other things I do not know how to pronounciate in english! But she is fine now and all recovered, thank god. But due to that I have not been to work for 3 days....which is nice, but yet again not what I had planned.
Need a week to rest, or so it seems like.

That is why the blog has been a bit blasé for a while, but not anymore! Have tons of photos to upload and edit. Ordered two books that finally arrived today, both from Scott Kelby! (sorry but he is a sheer genious!!)
Or at least I think so, I have read his Photography books before. And they are really good! If you haven't read them and wish to know more of the Digital Photography world then please look up his books!
I recommed the Digitial Photography Book volume 1, 2 and 3 (got the last one today...). They are easy read but give you so many tips and techniques that you are dying to just get out have fun with your camera. He explains things in such an easy way that just....well....I have no words for it. Just go and get them!!! :)

Also got the CS3 photoshop book with techniques that I need to browse through.....oh boy oh boy!

Will post photos later on this is time for some editing!