July 16, 2009

Thursday 16th of july

A big week this week...wonder how I can still be on two feet!! :))

Have hade problems with my computer and had to re-install it and with that I had to saftey copy everything I had on here. (a big up for the portable harddrives!!!) Then when everything went okay Photoshop didn't work! Did I get cranky or what!! But luckily a friend helped me out and today it is up and running. Not that I have time to actually edit or play around.

A hectic work week, and hot as hell too. Shouldn't complain but working in humid and hot weather isn't fun at all. You are cranky and tired and not serviceminded at all! The mantra I have is....4 weeks until vacation, 4 weeks until vacation! Which only last me for oh...a few hours and then back to being cranky! :)

My photos that I printed are here and are as we speak going into frames...so my wall collage can be finished. Need to eat at some point....hmm... Clean my apartment too, having a girls night out here on saturday!

I should maybe finish this post and get on with it...hm...okay....I am going

Over and out