July 28, 2009

a photo says more than a thousand words...

I got the opportunity this past saturday to witness the wedding of these two lovebirds.
The bride is a friend from middleschool....not going to say how many years that is ago! :)
This isn't the best composed photo nor the best one of the bunch I did take, but it caught my eye when shooting it and it still does now. I love it so much, the look of joy and happiness the both of them are giving.
Am in the process of editing a bunch of photos from the wedding, read....A BUNCH! :)
So sad though that not all of them are good ones, and it was after this wedding that I decided to get a new camera which led to me buying the Nikon D5000. Took the photo below sunday night at dusk, I mean the lighting was poorly but it came out outstanding.

All I did to is up the color a bit, only a tad bit and then put a nice edge burn to it. Oh so pretty!! :)) (you could say I am a happy camper)

alright back to work.
Peace out