June 16, 2009

Internet meltdown=vacation??? hmm....

4 stinking days...that is how long my internet connection was down! For some people that would be like....oh I don't know ...a vacation. It would have been for me aswell, except that this wasn't voluntary!!! It broke down when it weren't suppose to!

So here I was...friday night having a fit! Saturday I just didn't bother, since I was too busy with everything else. Had a girlsnight here at my pad and spent the day preparing for it and enjoying it. (did curse my computer once or twice though....didn't send out the music properly)
Sunday I spent the entire day with the internet company trying to get it on track again. Well after countless tries and 4 fricking phonecalls I was about ready to haul the modem and cables out the balcony! Finally the guy on the other end of the phone could sense my meltdown...and said he would send me a new one! So today...tuesday....I am online and kicking!
Do you know how much I have missed?!?!?! Just my normal blog route took forever and then facebook and of course my own blog! *sigh*....

Now everything is okay again and we can live peacefully! :))

Night people!