June 8, 2009

Holy Cow...

alright...can say I am now poor!! Bought new lingerie today...and the sum well...I won't scare you how much it actually was. I actually took one or two deep breaths before giving the lady my credit card!! Yieks!!! :)
But on the other side of things...I know have bra's (not sure on the spelling) that fit!! And they do wonders aswell (no point intended)

So ladies....if you have never gone for a bra fitting....my advice...DO SO!! I had the wrong size...no wonder I have never been satisfied with my purchases before! And can you think how much money I have laid out before on a decent bra and to now find out that they were wrong for me!!!!! (it somewhat hurts....)

Of course, I wouldn't have gone poor if I just went ahead and bought one, that was cheap, or two that were cheap...instead of getting 3, which 2 were cheap and well the third cost as much as number 1 and 2!!!!!!

Handouts anyone?!?!?! :))

my stomach is really screaming for food and my head hurts!!! Got to go before I vanish!