June 26, 2009

Doctors orders

So I am officially off work for a week due to my leg problems! Been having pains in my calfes (think that is how it is spelled) for weeks now. First I just thought it would be tension of some sort...but lately it feels funny when I walk and it hurts aswell! The doctor believed I probably had pulled a ligature or something, but was concern that I might have bad bloodcirculation in my legs, so of to the bloodlady! :) 3 vials of my blood has been sent away for some tests...

Okay now this is funny....I have been home for oh...6 hours or so....and I am BORED!!!!!! How am I suppose to last a week! (I'm sure I can think of something, but still) I can't go for walks...since I am suppose to take it easy and rest my legs. And there are not so much to search for on the World Wide Web (trust me), movies...that would be my first option but then it is such glorious weather outside I feel bad to watch tv! Luckily I can sit on my balcony every morning to enjoy the sunshine, but the afternoons!?? What to do!

Oh such dilemma...and now I am hungry!

I do have photos from earlier this week to upload and edit some....hmm....there is one activity!

Alright I am off to feed my belly (before he turns to my inner organs...;))