June 29, 2009

Day 2 of my sickweek

I am not that bored anymore....
My days so far has been this:

*wake up at a decent time
*have breakfast infront of tv
*do the dishes
*brush teeth and the usual morning routine
*put on a bikini and go outside to sit on my balcony...and soak up the sun
*go in for lunch or snack...depends on the time of day (sometimes forget that I need food)
*go back out in the sun
*go inside for a break, usually turn on the computer
*stay on the computer till dinner...
*cook dinner and then I am benced on the sofa....
*then it is night night

My life....oh so interesting. Wish that this pain will go away....discovered tonight that it feels like I would have arthrities....I walk funny in the mornings due to stiff legs. And if i am in a horizontal position to long it takes a while before my legs get customed to walking. Hmm....this is all very strange.

I should be in bed now, but I need to get some chill air in my bedroom...otherwise I won't sleep.

Nighty night