May 18, 2009


there is nothing like your own home! Your own bed, your own sofa, your own shower, your own Space!! How much fun there is to travel, there is nothing like coming home and just dump everything by the door and just leave it there! :))
First day at work is always a killer though...feet hurts, back hurts and am oh so tired. (the tiredness is due to lack of sleep...went into the emergency room saturday night...)

So right now, I have unpacked everything except for the candles that are still in the bag from Ikea. And the carpet that is still rolled out in the middle of the livingroom....didn't have the urge to take the old one out and put in the new one yet...

My list of things to do:
  • put some more books on E-bay (tradera)
  • put in the new carpet (rug)
  • check what bills that need to be payed
  • edit some photos
  • find a gift for my nephiew
  • call Sara...(if you do read this, I have laundry time on friday so lunch around 1-2 pm??)
  • groceryshopping
  • oh shoot...send gift to M
  • shit...find a gift for Brother nr 4
  • find a new battery for my laptop
  • find a room divider
  • call my massage therapist

Think that is it, that is what i remember anyway....

oh...yeah...go to bed...hmm...early day tomorrow...crap.

Alright....I am off...see you later