May 15, 2009

eyes wide shut...

that is how I feel. Tired and worn out! Could use my own bed by now...oh how I miss it! :)
Yesterday was a "fast forward" day, we painted a brickwall in my grandmothers veranda...and guess who the genius was who actually popped the idea?!?! was it who painted again. But it turned out nice.
After that we ran errands, with the last store being IKEA.... i blew my budget....darn!!! (how come you can never come out of there without buying anything?!?!) But then again, I got a new carpet for free...:)

Found my camera bag, which will be needed today! Then we headed over to my brothers house and spent a few hours with his son and fiancé.
Then off to home for a quick stop and then I went to the movies. We saw Angels and Demons and man oh man oh man was it good! Really recommend calfes are still hurting due to me sitting on needles the entire movie. (the funny thing is I knew what would happen since I have read the movie...)

Have photos from yesterday, but no time to post them...sorry

We are off to an army base today to greet my brothers unit from Afghanistan home from the war! talk to ya more tonight!